Los Angeles, Calif.


3/30/2018 on Fire Talk LP/CD
CS available via Fire Talk/Papermade
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Hula Hoop



5/4/2018 Bootleg Bar with Anna McClellan, Staffers
5/5/2018 All Summer's Eve Desert Rendevouz at The Palms in Wonder Valley with Dear Nora, Anna McClellan, Staffers, many others
5/12/2018 rec center with Hit Bargain (record release), Moira Scar, Fucked Forever
5/14/2018 Coaxial with LOOLOWNINGEN & THE FAR EAST IDIOTS, Prissy Whip, Similar Fashion
5/17/2018 Alex's Bar with Yonatan Gat, Mdou Moctar, Sun Araw
5/27/2018 Starline Social Club / Oakland with Jo Passed
5/28/2018 Moroccan Lounge with Jo Passed
Summer 2018 USA & Canada Tour
6/22/2018 Malkovich Manor / Los Angeles with Sunreader, more
6/23/2018 Lunchbox / Phoenix with RNA, Man Hands, Sunn Trio
6/26/2018 Beerland / Austin with 2069, more
6/28/2018 Poor Boys / New Orleans
6/29/2018 Limin Room / Gainesville
6/30/2018 529 / Atlanta with BKGD, Saline
7/1/2018 Hi Lo / Athens with Art Contest
7/6/2018 Tundra Dome / Philadelphia with Sieve, Body Meat
7/7/2018 Alphaville / Brooklyn with Sieve
7/9/2018 The Monkey House / Burlington with Father Figuer, Rob Voland, Paper Castles
7/15/2018 The Empty Bottle / Chicago with Desert Liminal, Richard Album & The Singles, Courtesy
7/16/2018 Eagles Club / Minneapolis
7/18/2018 Brothers Lounge / Omaha with Thick Paint
7/20/2018 Gold Blood Collective / Salt Lake City
7/26/2018 Logan's Pub / Victoria with Young Jesus
7/27/2018 A House / Olympia with Young Jesus, Oh, Rose
7/28/2018 Turn Turn Turn / Portland with Young Jesus




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(2015 Fire Talk Records)
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