Los Angeles, Calif.


3/30/2018 on Fire Talk LP/CD
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Hula Hoop


Summer USA/Canada Tour
6/22/2018 Los Angeles / You're Welcome with ZEBU!, Sunreader, Johann Sebastian Market Basket
6/23/2018 Phoenix / Lunchbox with Man Hands, RNA, Sunn Trio
6/24/2018 El Paso / Love Buzz with If We Were Turtles, State Limbo
6/25/2018 Dallas / RBC Otonana Trio, SuperMook, Homer Street
6/26/2018 Austin / Beerland with 2069, Exhalents, smith+robot
6/27/2018 Houston / Red Dead Comics with Groundhog Day, Glia
6/28/2018 New Orleans / Poor Boys with Sleeping Pills, Cervix Couch, Mystery Girl, Privacy Report
6/29/2018 Gainesville / Limin Room with SPEX, Guilt Trip, Lilac Angel
6/30/2018 Atlanta / 529 with BKGD, Farrad Thomas
7/1/2018 Athens / Hi Lo with Art Contest
7/2/2018 Nashville / Fond Object with Z, Chasing Waterfalls
7/3/2018 DC / Songbyrd with Sieve, Staffers, Palette
7/6/2018 Philadelphia / Tundra Dome with Sieve, Body Meat, A Million Dollars
7/7/2018 Brooklyn / Alphaville with Sieve, Sleepies, CLEBS
7/8/2018 CANCELLED Amherst / The Internet IRL with Sieve, LUCY, Fissure Cat CANCELLED
7/9/2018 Winooski / The Monkey House with Dead Castles, Dendrons
7/10/2018 Montreal / Poisson Noir with Mono No Aware, Piper Curtis
7/11/2018 Ottawa / MOVED: Black Squirrel Books with Jack Moss
7/12/2018 Toronto / Owls Club with Slurry, The Brain, Rogue Tenant
7/13/2018 EARLY Toledo / Culture Clash Records In-store performance
7/13/2018 LATE Indianapolis / Pioneer OBTUSE Night
7/14/2018 St. Louis / The Shrub with Sewingneedle, Buttercup, Kaleb Kirby, Yuppy
7/15/2018 Chicago / The Empty Bottle with Richard Album & The Singles, Desert Liminalm, Courtest
7/16/2018 Minneapolis / Eagles Club Products, Strange Relations, Total Gaze
7/17/2018 Kansas City, MO / Roller Dog Thick Paint, David Attias, Physical Weight
7/18/2018 Omaha / Brothers Lounge with Thick Paint, Rogue Moon
7/19/2018 Colorado Springs / Tim Gill Center with Thick Paint, Cocordion, Bryan Sespico
7/20/2018 Salt Lake City / Gold Blood Collective with 90s TV
7/22/2018 Missoula / ZACC with Fringe Class, Charcoal Squids, Wrinkles
7/25/2018 Vancouver / Red Gate with Young Jesus, Champion Lawnmower, Freak Dream
7/26/2018 Victoria / Logan's Pub with Young Jesus, Smoke Eaters
7/27/2018 Olympia / Hobbit Hole with Young Jesus, Oh, Rose
7/28/2018 Portland / Turn Turn Turn with Young Jesus, Cynthia Nelson's Digressive Combine
7/29/2018 Sacramento / Secret Compound with Young Jesus, ALAK
7/30/2018 Oakland / Octopus Literary Salon with Young Jesus, Cite, Mop
7/31/2018 Santa Barbara / The Hard to Find Showspace with wimps, Share, Sweet Reaper
8/1/2018 Los Angeles / Zebulon with Young Jesus, Bozo (Willy Siegel/Dustin Wong), Pauline Lay/Paul Carter




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