Los Angeles, Calif.

photo by DeRon Munroe

You know, sometimes…I wonder what it would be like if I’d chosen a different path in life. Like, if I’d chosen to be a celebrity, what would it be like? Would I be beautiful? Would I be very, very rich? Would I know every letter of the alphabet —every single letter? Could I fly to the moon — or maybe even to Boise, Idaho? Could my name be changed to “Samm” with two Ms instead of one? Would the cruel unfeeling world remember my form, indelibly? Like, would all fountains be reshaped in my indelible form? Would they rename “America” to “Samerica?”

$20/$25 ppd USA
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February 25 Los Angeles WHAMMY! Analog Media with Deux Nomiz, Sean Downey, Coley Mixan
March 27 Los Angeles Zebulon with Loolowningen & The Far East Idiots, Sprain, Oort Smog, DJ Privacy Settings

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